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Meet Our Departments
Our sales department has one purpose: to exceed your expectations from test drive to delivery. Our professional sales team is committed to a no-pressure, high integrity approach to your ownership experience. Our goal is for you to feel that the vehicle you drive away in is the perfect one for you. Our online inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles is updated daily.
  • Dealership Contacts (760) 692-1558
    • Jerry Weseloh Photo
      Jerry Weseloh
    • Eddie Binder Photo
      Eddie Binder
      General Sales Manager
    • Danny Jimenez Photo
      Danny Jimenez
      New Vehicle Sales Manager
    • Nick Petzen Photo
      Nick Petzen
      New Vehicle Sales Manager
    • Lance Morgan Photo
      Lance Morgan
      Pre-Owned Sales Manager
  • Sales (760) 692-1558
    • Fred Wright Photo
      Fred Wright
      New Car Sales Team
    • Richard Howard Photo
      Richard Howard
      New Car Sales Team
    • Carmine Mirabella Photo
      Carmine Mirabella
      Internet Sales
    • Paul Ehlke Photo
      Paul Ehlke
      Internet Sales
    • Ben  Pendelton Photo
      Ben  Pendelton
      New Car Sales Team
    • Oscar Morales Photo
      Oscar Morales
      New Car Sales Team
    • Jerry Gelbrich Photo
      Jerry Gelbrich
      New Car Sales Team
    • Curtis Cheely Photo
      Curtis Cheely
      New Car Sales Team
    • Nacho Ojeda Photo
      Nacho Ojeda
      New Car Sales Team
    • Steve Donnelly Photo
      Steve Donnelly
      New Car Sales Team
    • Esteade Bolden Photo
      Esteade Bolden
      New Car Sales Team
    • Steven Uyeno Photo
      Steven Uyeno
      Internet Sales
    • Tony Yanez Photo
      Tony Yanez
      New Car Sales Team
    • James Lessley Photo
      James Lessley
      New Car Sales Team
    • Ian Reid Photo
      Ian Reid
      New Car Sales Team
  • Service (760) 692-1549
    • Jack  Atkins Photo
      Jack  Atkins
      Service Manager
    • Dolores Miller Photo
      Dolores Miller
      Service Consultant
    • Don Olsen Photo
      Don Olsen
      Service Consultant
    • Mike Smith Photo
      Mike Smith
      Service Consultant
    • Vanessa Alvarez Photo
      Vanessa Alvarez
      Service Consultant
    • Jamie Bray Photo
      Jamie Bray
      Service Consultant
  • Finance (760) 692-1558
    • John Littlefield Photo
      John Littlefield
    • Fernando Ramos Photo
      Fernando Ramos
    • Santiago  Peinado Photo
      Santiago  Peinado
    • Shawn Skinner Photo
      Shawn Skinner
We invite you to schedule a test drive or stop by our showroom to experience all that we have to offer.